Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Operation Christmas Child ~ Mukilteo Presbyterian Church

Savannah, Lea and Sophie stashed a T-shirt and a ball that lights up among other things in their present.
Kathy Winks is a volunteer and included a toothbrush with her present.
Jim Young and his wife Tamara are the area coordinators for the drive and plan to visit Hawaii and help out for a day there as well.

Dennis Hoppe is the Distribution Center Coordinator

Russ Podmayer helping out.

John Larson helping out.

Chris Winke helping out.

Sam, Hailey,Kendall and Jennifer included silly bands and colored pencils along with their letter to the recipient.

Rebecca and Charlotte were volunteers and happy to include a cute blanket and fun letter in their package.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Future of Flight ~ Everett, WA

The Future of Flight aviation center and Boeing Tour hosts over 200,000 visitors from 185 countries annually.  Roughly one third of all visitors are from outside of the country.   For more information visit the Future of Flight website.

Look for the upcoming Face52 Column in the South Everett Beacon to see your picture in print.  Thanks!

Dominic Maratukulam is from San Jose California. He loved the 787 because it looked so smooth.

John Shackleford is from Austin Texas. He thought seeing the big-jet assembly line in action was amazing.

Tom Burns is from Akron-Canton Ohio and is a professional pilot of private jets. He used to fly a 737 for a major commercial airline.

Olivia Ormonde is from Wexford Ireland. She noted that the assembly line was so big, that she saw employees moving around on bicycles.

Lee and Carole Glanzmann are from Sydney Australia. Carole was impressed that the 777 line was slowly moving as employees were building.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mukilteo Library Patrons ~ Thursday, October 27th

Check out next week's copy of the Mukilteo Beacon and see these pictures in print.  Have a great weekend!  :)

Elizabeth was reading "Warrior Code of the Clans" by Erin Hunter on the bench out front.

David West checked out a number of books on Darwin, an interest of his.

Kay Surles serves as a volunteer once a week with the very important job of shelving holds.

Lori brought her son Nathan to pick up the next book in the "My Weird School" series by Dan Gutman.

Liz and Kamila - Played on the children's computers.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dick's Drive-In Grand Opening - Edmonds

The sixth restaurant and the first Dick's Drive In to open in 37 years.  The crowds were huge with up to and more than a 3-hour wait for a burger and fries.

Sheridan and Felicia -  "Dick has the best french fries and it's cheap!"
Duke and Debbie - "Since the days of hot rods in Lake City -- it's the best."
Jamie and Dave -  "Best burgers around!"
Lily, Tyler and Makena - "Good ol' fashioned food."
Destiny and Shayla - "I love the milkshakes even though I am lactose intolerant."
Jojo and Justin - "When I am hungry, Dick's satisfies my needs."
Brooke, Danielle and Tessa - "I love Dick's because it is inexpensive, delicious, and (usually) quick to get!"
Nathaniel and Natalie - "Because their cheeseburgers are really cheesy... that's why I like Dick's"
Dick Spady  (Yes, the man behind the burgers) -  "I love the milkshakes.. they're the most unique product in the world"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

International Fashion Tour - October 14th - Seattle

International Fashion Tour 2011 promotes the SAVE Act bill in the fashion industry and additionally celebrates Filipino History Month. The events are supported by the Philippine Consulate of the US and Filipino Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest (FCCPN) in benefit of Hope Heart Foundation.

Spectacular show with inspired designs.  The youngest photographer at the show was my daughter Lila.  She received lots of positive attention from designers, staff and attendees alike.

I try to get different perspectives during the show.  Enjoy.
(Make sure you click the link "More Photos" to see all of the photos)

Electriq Dance
Designer - Eric Delos Santos

Designer - Alfred Lape, Lavsh